Modern Interior Designs – Read Up!

Interior design too has modern styling that follows the basics of modern architecture. There is a lot of cleanliness, open spaces and the use of linear aspects throughout.

Uncluttered Clean Space

Those who love neutrals, accessory-free space and clean lines will definitely adore modern designs. The entire idea of modern designing is to have functionality at its core and include basic shapes with basic materials without much heavy decoration. The idea is to stay as clean as possible.

What Is Modern?

A modern interior is usually simple, spacious and sleek with heavy focus on organization and function. There is no chaos or clutter. Such designs rely on the use of sculpture, architecture and furniture to provide basic geometric shapes such as angles, curves and straight lines. The idea is to rely more on functionality rather than decoration.

For those who hate dust to accumulate, sleek modern designs are ideal for you. The more open space and less clutter you have the more modern your interiors are.

Modern Furniture

First understand what modern furniture means. Such furniture usually has sleek surfaces with smooth polished finish. The pieces tend to be simple and serve a purpose. No furniture that does not have a purpose is ever kept. The entire concept with furniture is honesty. A growing trend among modern interior decorators is to use reclaimed materials for building furniture.


Instead of accessories, it is art that holds a firm place in modern designing. Blankets, trinkets and the sorts are not welcome. Instead art pieces that carefully depict your beliefs and interior design set up at specific focal points serves the purpose of modern design. This also includes rugs with geometric patterns or just plain accent colored rugs too.


Modern interior designers prefer single tone colors such as neutral, whites and blacks. Sticking with simple color tones always helps provide any room with a spacious feel. Moreover, contrasting colors are used for a visual cue and to help emphasize lines in the room.

Is Modern Design for You?

While an excellent choice for apartments as it helps create space and gives the illusion of a larger room, it is not exactly good for those who love their antiquities or collectibles. This decorative styling never goes well with Knick knacks or even ornate furniture. It is more of a clean styling.

Unfortunately, families with kids may find maintaining modern design hard since materials used can break easily and hard edges are preferred over children friendly rounded edges. However, a skilled designer can always play around with modern design making it safe for all ages.

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