Modern Architecture And Designs

Modern architecture strives to make home designs that are beyond standard ideas. The entire aim is to create unique situations and implement them in sync with modern styling. Here are a few principles of modern architecture.


Modern architecture believes in the phrase, “Less is more”. In other words, this style is devoid of unnecessary additions and clutter. The entire objective of the project is always stated at the beginning and features that are necessary to the overall objective is included. Homes tend to come out simple, functional and very clean. While some opt for strict modernism other’s go with a looser sense of minimalism.

Hide Nothing

When you talk of modern style, it involves visibility. Materials in natural state are usually preferred and showcased. There is nothing hidden from view or altered from its original state in modern architecture. All structural elements are visible and plans are open. The beams tend to be open and there is a sense of honesty and truth in the overall structural plans.

Linear Love

Modern architects really do love lines. You will find linear designs adorning everything from fireplaces, roof lines, cutouts, windows to posts, beams and much more. The entire focus is on maintaining a linear style. Angles are preferred over curves and most of the time lines are preferred to angles.

Bold Roof Lines

In modern architecture, triangular traditional roofs do not make the cut. The roofs should push the envelope. They can even have multiple roof lines. Complexity while not visible anywhere else in the house, the roof sure does have plenty of it. Varying lines, vaulted ceilings, overhanging visual elements all add to a bold roof design.


Windows do not only serve a purpose of bringing sunlight in but also as a design element in Modern architecture. Homes tend to have overgrown windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Some even have sliding doors and then there are clerestory windows set high to let light in but preserve privacy.

Open Floor Plans

Often floor plans boast of space and can be accentuated with something or prominence. Take for instance the dining with kitchen area that usually takes up a log of floor space. To make it modern, architects tend to rely on varying levels or depth.

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